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I spend so much time thinking about what next that I often don't notice what I am doing at the moment. I am working on relaxing my mind so I can be open to the flow. Seems like when I am creating something the hours in my studio fly by.

My creative process, great learning resources, and ways to help the planet by repurposing are the theme of this blog. You are about to enter "the world according to Jan." Hope you find it a-musing.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Making a mate from recycled tin

Another birthday to prepare for so this time a Tin Woman is made.  This friend is a guitar player and once played in a band called Dead Cat Swingers.  Her brother keeps buying her Sponge Bob stuff which is driving her nuts - hence the sign.  My friend is going to hang this completely recycled art doll from her rear view mirror.

Once again I used an old calendar for the head and put it on tin with Omnigel.  The cat with the guitar is also from a calendar and omnigeled to tin.  Some leaves make up her horns.  The same tin as the Tin Man make her dress and she has cookie tin legs and feet.  Her hands are also tin.

Small letters where stamped into tin to make the "Sponge Bob Sucks" sign.  Hey he is a sponge so of course he sucks or may be the word would be absorbs.

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