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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Practical Magic Blog Party

 "Girls Night Out" 

My moon circle sings this fun little song about riding brooms so I wondered how the broom became a symbol for witches.  After all this is a Practical Magic blog party and brooms are pretty darn practical.  No fancy swiffer in this old house.

.According to some quick internet searching I discovered this in an article by Ashira R.
In the Old Religion, as in organizations like the Masons, the use of ordinary working items were used as symbolism in many rituals and meetings. Probably, without a doubt, the most least understood, yet most well known, is that of the broom. From ancient times the broom was a symbol of domestic order and domestic bliss. It was a powerful symbol as the woman's preeminence at the time was still in the forefront. It was expected that when women would arrive at their meetings (now called Sabbats or rituals) they would be expected to carry the symbol of their position - the broom.
When women went to any meeting of any sort, regardless of whether it was a ceremony or not, they were expected to bring their symbol of position - the broom. Upon arrival at a meeting, they would display the "staff of office" (the broom) and turn the broom like a hobby horse and enter the sacred space riding their brooms. So yes, Pagans and Witches do ride upon brooms - just not as most would think. Even today the hobbyhorse toys are derived from these very rituals.

 So there is Practical Magic and some of that power is in using ordinary items like the broom, a pot or cauldron, herbs, tinctures, teas, brews and "the look" which stops most children in their tracks. But enough of that, here's the great little song we sing at the moon circle. 

Away Ye Merry Lasses 
I told me mum I was goin' out 
She asked what I was all about 
I asked if I could take the broom 
I'm going to meet the girls 
Oh, the moon is wax tonight 
and don't ya like the fellas? 
I prefer the girls tonight 
I'm goin' to ride the wind 
'Cause it's the girls' night out 
Away ye merry lassies 
Get your brooms, get 'em out 
We'll ride the wind tonight 
Oh it's the girls' night out 
Away ye merry lassies 
Get your brooms, get 'em out 
We'll ride the wind tonight 
My sister is so bold and free 
She asked if she could come with me 
I saw her up above the trees 
A-goin' to ride the wind 
Oh, the moon is wax tonight 
And don't ya like the fellas? 
I prefer the girls tonight 
I'm goin' to ride the wind 
w&m by Georje Holper, ©1989

If you want to join others in this Practical Magic party on September 24th  just click on the link below.  Happy Equinox and may you life be filled with magic.   As we move into the darkness, keep those inner lights burning bright.

Practical Magic Blog Party


  1. I knew I loved brooms !!
    Isn't it Fascinating to find out the origins of 'why' we do certain things ?
    Thank You !!

  2. Cute little song. Thanks for sharing!

  3. That first photo is just fabulous! Would it be okay to use it for a mixed media project or digital collage? Great Practical Magic post... Brooms, who knew?!

    Magical Times,

  4. I knew there was a reason I loved brooms!!!

    I love the first photo!

    Your jewelry designs are amazing.


  5. Lovely post and song! Great photos. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Glad I came back to see if there were late comers. :)
    This was very interesting :)
    BB, Susan


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